Virus on fresh installs

I upgrade a Vista Computer to Windows 7 Ultimate.  Everything went uneventful until the very end, when I started getting hit by a virus attack.  I stopped everything and started scanning.  The computer had about 600 Threats. I cleaned it up then restored some files and settings – then every thing disappeared off the desktop.  I worked on the computer until everything returned to normal.  I  have never seen anything like it.  Threats were coming in from everywhere.   Could it be that during an upgrade computers are wide open to attack. Well in the future  I will  find out about this then post about it another day.

Mike 🙂

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My First Computer

The year was 1980 and I purchased my first computer. It cost me $20,000 and it took 4 men to delivery it. Since then I have been building, laptops,servers and desktop computers.

I will be posting ways to get your sick computer running again.

Mike  🙂