Mike’s Great Computer Tips

Tip #1  Most important part of a computer

When purchasing a Desktop the most important component to consider is the Case.An excellent case will make it easy to upgrade any component.  Motherboard should be easy to replace, CPU
and Ram should have clear access.  With a great case you will never purchase a new computer again.

Tip #2 Service your  laptop

Laptops are now starting to follow the ideas behind tip #1. There are 5 major laptopsuppliers in the world, three of which are working with Intel to produce laptops that can be easily upgraded, repaired and assembled by the user if that is what they want.  Intel calls this program the “RC2” project. Laptops are being produced but in a limited amount. With these laptops, batteries, screens, hard drives, keyboards can be quickly changed out and upgraded.  This is the  future of laptops because otherwise they become too expensive to maintain.

Tip #3 Limit Virus access to your computer.

If you have a single user on your computer setup 3 user accounts for that user. Accounts to setup are: a limited account to surf the INTERNET, a personal administrator account for general troubleshooting use and a administrator account that is never used except when the other 2 become locked up.   You may need to set up the Internet Account as administrator account until it is works just the way you want it, then you change it to a limited account. If virus and spy ware come into your computer via a limited account they are easy to control, locate and remove.  The last thing I want
is a virus, Trojan or Spy Ware that has administrator rights in my computer.

Tip #4   Divide your hard drive and sleep soundly.

Divide your hard drive into 3 partitions. Create the “C” drive for the operating system,”D” for the all the programs on the computer and drive “X” for all your data.

Now you can trash out your operating system at any time and all your data is safe. You can install a new   operating system and not have to worry about your data being lost.

Tip #5 Get a personal Caddy.

Get a Caddy for your hard drive. Once Caddy is installed on your computer  you can insert different Hard drive with different operating system installed in it. So in one Caddy you can have windows XP and your second Caddy can have Windows 7.  No need to purchase another computer just swap out the Caddy and use whichever operating system you desire. I have Linux in one caddy and Windows 7 in another it works just fine. A Caddy will cost you about $28.00

Tip #6 don’t believe “You Have a Virus” Pop-Ups

Don’t click on them. Most of these are trying to give you a virus for free and then they want you to purchase their software to remove it.  Don’t believe these Pop-Ups they are scams.

Tip #7. Malicious Web Sites

Google has a free service those list web sites that are Malicious.  If a Malicious Site is not listed by Google be aware that some of these sites are up only for a day at a time.  Then they tend to change their IP address by a number or two to mask their identity.

Tip #8. Use Passwords over 24 characters.

Use a password to log-in to your computer. Don’t use a password shorter than 8 characters. Twelve is better and 24 is even better.  There is software to crack passwords 8 characters and shorter.  Longer passwords take longer to crack and not as convenient to crack as shorter passwords. Make passwords easy to create and remember. For example: “WiBi7dSiA&WiC” represents “Was I Born In July during Summer In Arizona & Was it Cold.  This makes no sense but it is easy for me to remember. Also it would probably take more than an hour to figure it out.  You can also use a random number generator to create the password but you have to work on remembering it.

 The best information on passwords can be found at www.grc.com/haystak  The information on this site is super. Go there first and come back and leave me a comment if you agree with me on the GRC information.

Tip #9   How many Spy Ware software to use?

Install 3 Spy Ware applications on your computer.  But, only run one at a time.   Each Spy Remover will remove different threats so this will remove a wider spectrum of threats than a single Spy Ware

Tip #10  The Best Anti Virus in the World!

Get the best Anti-virus in the world installed on your computer. The best anti-virus is the next new anti-virus you install. That’s right; do not run the same anti-virus program for more than year.   If you want to remove virus on your computer you must keep changing you software.

Virus creators work on getting around all the popular anti-virus software. So stay ahead of them. Do this and you will see results on your first scan.  Don’t fall in love with your anti-virus it has a job to do and most will fail at it.  Remember Russia and China broke into the U.S. Power Grid. China used a little virus to break into the Dali Lamas computer which at a specified time opened up his computer to a larger main virus. In Pebble Creek ,a retirement community, it is not unusual to find 1000 to 5000 virus and threats on my neighbor’s computer.

Tip #11 Your neighbor can help with virus removal.

If you cannot remove a virus or just want to check up on how good of a job your anti-virus is doing, just remove your hard drive and install it on your neighbor’s computer as a slave drive and scan it. This technique requires your neighbor to be running a different anti-virus than the one that is installed on your computer.

Tip #12 “Fear Not the Registry”

Back your registry on a regular basis. If you purchased a ready-made computer, back up your computer as soon as you bring it home. Back up the Registry to a thumb drive then put the thumb drive away. When your computer misbehaves, import the fresh Registry.  This should make it behave again.

Tip #13   Use the Wall switch to block INTERNET intruders.

Routers and Modems do not have on-off switch. So, connect one of them to a wall switch. If you need to turn of the internet flip the wall switch to off. This works very well, for virus or spyware
attacks.  If you get attacked, just turn off the power to the router or modem and start cleaning your computers.  Don’t turn on the power until you think your computers are clean.

Tip #15 Speeds up Boot Time.

Type in “msconfig” in the Run line and go to “start up”, and disable everything.  Then go to the General tab and change boot time from 30 seconds to 3 seconds.  This will improve you boot up time. If there is a program you want to start up every time you boot up, then go back to your computer , and “Enable” only that program.

Tip #16.  Speed up your computer.  (Vista and Windows 7)

Change your settings to run your computer in Performance mode and not in appearance Mode.

Tip #17. Your Computer will run for 20 years +.

Some cars today are getting over a million miles on them. I am getting 20 plus years on my computers. Like a car, if you clean them up and tune them up on a regular basis computer can last a long time. If your two to three year computer is dying, it is because you have not taken care of it.


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