Savy Seniors Computer Tips and Tricks

Savy Seniors Computer Tips & Tricks


I live in retirement community in Arizona. The community is PebbleCreek. This is a collection of Computer Tips and Tricks sent to me. They are listed here without the name of person who gave them to me so they can have some privacy. We are retired: We love our privacy.


1.- Turn off your computer, printer and save some money on electric bills.


2.- To change the size of the font you are reading, click somewhere in the document and scroll your mouse control up or down. I don’t think it works on emails, but it has certainly helped me on INTERNET sites.”


3.- If you put all the intended recipients under B.C.C. , then all your email addresses are not floating around out there for Spammers to grab.


4.- In my Photos create a folder called “2009 Photos”. Then, before a new event is downloaded on the computer create another folder within the “2009 Photos”. Call it “Aunt Sue’s Visit”. Then, download the new photos from her visit into that folder. ….You will be able track every event in a given year.


5.-  I like to view photos in “Filmstrip” mode, only available in Windows XP. When there is an open folder it will show a large photo in the center of the screen and a row of thumbnails at the bottom of the screen. Easy to view one by one, also an icon to easily change the orientation of a photo by 90 degrees.


6.- Some people have a hard time finding the cursor; his can help:

In Control Panel go to Mouse and open it. Then open pointers, then select Pointer Trails.

Click Apply then close when finished. Now when you move the Mouse even if you do not know where the cursor is it will easier to find the “pointer trails” on the cursor.

-To see your Desktop without minimizing all your open windows, click at the bottom right corner of your screen(its a small vertical bar next to the time.


7.-To share Word or Excel files, you will have to be careful how you save your files. Save files by selecting “.doc/.xlsx” because people with earlier versions of these programs will not be able to read “x” files! Select when you use “Save As”. Earlier versions of Word and Excel can open these files.


8.- Computer trick-I have one that I use for searching the Internet. If I know the name of the site, for example “Nordstrom”, in the address line, I don’t type in “HTTP” or “WWW” but just Nordstrom-Control-Enter. The Control Enter puts in the WWW and the dot com for you.


9.- Safe Computing. I divide the hard drive into 3 partitions. I make the “C” drive, the operating system, the “E” drive for applications and the “X” drive for my data. Now I can remove any virus, or clean up my system, by reinstalling the operating system and leave my data untouched. My data is always safe.


10.- Get an extra 15% discount on purchases. When I am ready to place a purchase via the Internet, I fill out all the information except my credit card information.  I let the form sit for 5 minutes then hit the back arrow. Instead of going back I am directed to a page that offers me an extra 15% purchase if I complete my purchase.  This is a nice savings for waiting 5 minutes.


11.- The Best Anti-Virus Software ever.   I don’t ever renew my anti-virus software.  Instead I install a new anti-virus program.  The newer program will most likely remove all the virus that got around the anti-virus program I had on my computer.  This works every time.

It doesn’t matter which anti-virus program you have on your computer, someone will write a virus program to get around it. So I change anti-virus programs every year.


12.- Three is not a crowd.  I have 7 computers in PC. Each windows computer has 3 anti-spy ware programs installed.  I run each program in the same day and they clean out the spy ware. Each program scans for different spy ware programs so this give me a very good cleaning. Three anti-spy ware programs on your computer will find a lot of threats.


13.- Make “ home page. This web site has lots of free software. You can find just about any program for free or free to try before you purchase.  This is a very good source for anti-spy ware and anti-virus programs.  


14.-  “Office” for Free. If you want “Word”, “Power point” or “Excel” for free.  Go to and download the “Office Suite” for free. I am using the software to type this list. Works fine. It is a Microsoft lookalike.


15.-  Never, never, never click on a link delivered via Spam or if you don’t know the sender. 


16.- Passwords. Use them and don’t use common words and make them at least 20 characters long.  Mix it upper case, lower case, number, and symbols: Make them work to get your private information. Visit for some great password info.


17.- Over Payment. A lady in Goodyear Arizona paid $300 to have one virus removed from her computer. She paid 3 times too much. Be careful ask up front what the maximum cost can be on any computer job. Never pay by the hour for computer services.


18.-One virus on your computer means it’s the tip of the iceberg. You may have hundreds of viruses on your computer. Ask people in your community what is the maximum number of viruses remove anyone computer. In PebbleCreek Arizona, I have seen over 4000 on a single computer.


19.- Clean Computer by running it nonstop for 3 days and nights. Pull the hard drive out and running it as a slave in other computers.  Run at least 3 spy ware remover programs and two anti-virus programs. As a slave you must run more than one antiviral program on your hard drive. Be sure to run it in save mode also.


20. Never.  Never run a computer with more than one anti-virus program at the same time. You will have a dog fight on your hands. See #19 this is the only way to clean out your hard drive with more than one anti-virus program. 



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